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Who We Are

The Kinetic Collective is a BIPOC marketplace and collection of diverse Portland artists who came together to create an immersive, groundbreaking, and revolutionary space right in the heart of Downtown Portland. COVID-19, together with the enduring impacts of systemic racism, dislocation, environmental degradation, and police brutality, has had a disproportionate impact on BIPOC communities in the metro area. This space seeks to reclaim Portland as a city for all and with opportunity for everyone. 

To visit this space, please reserve your entry through Eventbrite by clicking on "Reserve your visit!". Due to the ongoing pandemic, we need to make sure that we limit the number of visitors at any given time. Proceeds from donations will be reinvested in the pop-up space, help us recoup costs from upkeep and set-up and fund other multicultural re-entry projects throughout the city. 

If you cannot visit but are interested in the products we are selling and the work we do, please visit one of our vendor's sites listed above! 

Finally, if you appreciate what this space means to the greater Portland community, please consider donating through our GoFundMe. In addition to contributing to the upkeep of the Kinetic Collective's space, donations will fund community outreach, environmental justice programs, and provide much-needed resources to struggling small businesses and community organizations throughout the city. 

Kinetic Collective is a collaboration between: